Report Misuse

Please Contact to Admin if you find any misuses... will endeavour to provide all possible assistance to the Mumbai Police (Cyber Crime ) to tackle fraudulent users of report fraud or misuse, write to us giving full details of your case. In case of any doubt or unwanted communication from an uninterested profile you can send email alert to [email protected] and call us on 9987870077 for prompt action from our end.

Please Note: Maintaining secrecy is one of our matrimony policies so your particulars remain forbidden from the perverse person. So feel free inform us when someone crosses the boundary of decency.

Declaration  : This site is strictly for matrimonial purpose only and not a dating website and should not be used for posting any obscene material

The violations by a member that calls for your immediate action:-

⦁ Pretentious, obscene and abusive e-mails.
⦁ If a member sends you obscene or inappropriate emails.
⦁ If a member is sending you harassing e-mails.
⦁ Inappropriate personal details and fake credentials.
⦁ If you suspect a member's photograph is not real/Fake profile photos
⦁ If you suspect a member's profile to be obscene or fraudulent.
⦁ Threating and abusive communication through mobile and SMS
⦁ Business firm or an individual seeking your monetary favors.
⦁ If you notice any other business / individual trying to solicit you with ads or other material.
⦁ Suspecting misuse of your name appeared through the ads and other communication materials of

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